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Jul 26

Sensual Vibes (Pole Dance)

Description: YOU ARE A SEXUAL POWERHOUSE! This small intimate group class will allow you to get in touch with that sexy side! Come ready to learn pole and floor choreography as we hype and cheer each other on. This class is beginner-intermediate level, if you haven't taken a pole class before please contact Wendy B before signing up. REQUIREMENTS: knee pads

Jul 26

Buti Bands

in Studio #108

Jul 26
Jul 26

Buti Yoga

Studio #108

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By creating a financially self-sustaining economic and cultural driver, serving as a national model that stands the test of time. Once fully complete, Mainframe Studios will be one of the largest affordable workspaces for artists in the country.

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People confuse custom with expensive. It can be formal gowns, but also your favorite pair of sweat pants that are ruined because you wore then every single day for years. Custom really means making whatever you want!


My best stuff comes when I stop thinking about it. I don’t look outside for inspiration. My new designs, with the patterns, I want to get a rep to get it to the proper places. Its all unique stuff, I haven’t’ seen this anywhere before.