Our People Artists, entrepreneurs, makers, designers, producers, nonprofits and more

Phase I opened in late 2017 to include 75 studios on three of our five floors. In March 2021, third floor was renovated to add 58 more spaces. Studios are sharable, bringing our current tenant total to over 135 creative professionals who represent over 35 disciplines. Join our monthly free party and meet our artists every First Friday from 4:00 - 8:00 pm.



    Located on the same level as our lower level parking, you'll find a wide array of offerings. From glass blowing to woodworking and from pianos for the public to abstract sculpture, these artists will have you coming back for more.

  • #LL01

    James Bearden Sculpture

  • #LL02

    JJ Gaffers Hand Blown and Stained Glass Art

  • #LL04

    Kyle Kirwan Designer Toys

    • About: Kyle Kirwan is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in the Designer Toy scene. He has significant releases with Clutter Studios and Kid Robot. His work is in private collections worldwide.
    • : kylekirwan.com
    • : @Kylekirwan
  • #LL09

    Sometimes Furniture Furniture, Fabrication, and Design

  • #LL11

    Ryan Topete Multimedia

    • About: From Sioux City, Iowa, Ryan was the 2018 Drake University Department of Art & Design Alumni Studio Artist Fellow at Mainframe. Third Space DSM commissioned him to create a mural on East 14th in Des Moines, where he set out to evoke the culture of the neighborhood in a way that the whole community could enjoy.
    • : @ryantopete_art
    • : ryantopeteart@gmail.com
  • #LL13

    Chris Vance Painting

    • About: Chris Vance is best known for his vibrant exterior wall murals throughout the metro Des Moines area. His painting is greatly influenced by graffiti and skateboards artists, and he believes that ideas are an “internal ingestion, and the art is the medium of the expression.”
    • : chrisvanceart.com
    • : @chrisvanceart
  • #LL14

    City Sounds Nonprofit



    Level 1 is an active floor, featuring The Big Room event space, retail-friendly studios, dance floors, radio waves, art installations and an inviting atrium entrance. Come one, come all!

  • #100

    Mainframe Studios Nonprofit Office

  • #101

    The Blok DSM Fine Art Supplies

  • #103 & #109

    Community Support Advocates Nonprofit / Momentum Art Studio

    • About: Momentum provides free art opportunities to adults with disabilities, including an annual juried art competition and exhibition as well as art workshops offered throughout the year. Momentum continues to grow, and we are now offering studio space and mentorship programs. Get inspired with CSA’s Momentum Art Program.
    • : teamcsa.org
    • : @csa_dsm
    • : christinas@teamcsa.org
    • : 515-669-4821
  • #106

    Diane Kunzler Painting

  • #111 & #112

    KFMG 98.9 FM Nonprofit // Radio Station

    • About: KFMG-LP is a Low Power community radio station, broadcasting to the city of Des Moines, and suburbs. KFMG operates as "Your Community Voice" and actively assists a broad spectrum of central Iowa non-profit groups and organizations to inform residents about opportunities with specific emphasis on the local music community, the human services community, and the downtown community.
    • : kfmg.org
    • : rsorenson@kfmg991.org
    • : 515-244-4145
  • #113

    Civic Music Association Nonprofit

  • #115

    Bloq Boi Ent. Music Production

  • #117

    Des Moines Music Coalition Nonprofit // Music Management & Promotion

    • About: The DMMC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and collaborative movement committed to building a stronger and more diverse music community in greater Des Moines. Through our mission to support and cultivate Iowa’s music economy, our vision is to establish and maintain Des Moines as a nationally recognized music city.
    • : desmoinesmc.com
    • : @desmoinesmc
    • : @DesMoinesMusicCoalition
    • : jarin@desmoinesmc.com
  • #120

    The Red Door Press Letterpress Print Shop and Design Studio

  • #123

    The Big Room Event Rental Venue

  • #124

    Alfelino Feliciano Photography

    • About: Alfelino Feliciano is a commercial, fashion and product photographer with over 20 years of experience creating images for clients ranging from small jewelry designers to international companies. His wide range can be tailored for anything from social media to national advertising campaigns.
    • : alfelino.com
    • : @photoalf
    • : @Alfelino-Feliciano-Photographer-100268105508072
  • #131

    The Tangerine Food Co. Mainframe Exclusive Caterers



    Our latest and greatest floor, completed in March 2021, was four years in the making - so we are celebrating! And, so will you when exploring its 58 studios of all sizes. We continue to expand the definition of artist to foster wide-ranging collaborations and a diverse community. Weaving? You bet. Robots? Of course. Leatherwork? Oh yes. Start Ups? That too. Painting? A given. Singing Kites? You know it! 

  • #300

    Right Right Now Now // Domestica Risograph Print Lab

  • #301

    Jude Goldman Commercial / Fine Art Photography, Painting, Fermentation.

  • #303

    Jon Lemons Photography

  • #304

    Nekia Whitfield Fashion Design

  • #306

    Laura Wilkens Interdisciplinary Designer

    • About: Laura designs web user interfaces and experiences. Laura has a deep background in graphic and motion design, and photography. In her personal creative journey, she is expressing herself through abstract and figurative painting, illustration and 3 dimensional works.
    • : LauraWilkensDesign.com
    • : @lauralwilkens
    • : Wilkens.laura@gmail.com
  • #307

    Valerie Carr Urban Couture Photography

  • #308

    Paper Garden Workshop Garden design

  • #309

    Ward Creative Studios Photography

  • #310

    Jody Valentine Mixed Media

  • #313

    Design Fetish by Deshara Wreaths and Decor

  • #315

    Dylan Huey Huey Photography

  • #317

    Designed by the Streets Clothing Design

    • About: Designed by the Streets creates fashionable and functional streetwear for busy creatives. Each design is meant to inspire the focus, dedication, and discipline it takes to turn your struggles into your strengths.
    • : designedbythestreets.com
    • : designedbythestreets@gmail.com
  • #319

    Maggie Gulling Photography

  • #321

    Julia Franklin Mixed Media

  • #323

    Brittany Brooke Crow Photography

  • #323

    Suzanne Corum-Rich Photography

  • #324

    Patrick Leer Painting

    • About: Bright, lively abstract paintings and mixed media on canvas and paper. Painted intuitively in an expressionist style.
    • : @patrickleerart
    • : paleer23@gmail.com
  • #325

    Claire Sedovic Illustration | Design

  • #327

    Maddy Fusco Illustration

  • #328

    Andrew Clarridge Painting

    • About: My hand-made work consists of wood-burning, acrylic paint, colored pencil and charcoal on wood panel. My digital pieces are created through modifying images of my hand-made work, or they are generated from scratch. Visually my work centers around creating matrices of color fields and line work, then breaking apart and piecing them back together.
    • : clarridgeart.com
  • #329

    Volk Images LLC Photography

  • #331

    Gold Creek Game Development

    • About: Gold Creek is a studio built upon a foundation of seasoned developers. When they aren't busy working on their own games, they make games for their clients! Are you a game developer looking for work? Well you are in luck, because they're hiring!
    • : goldcreekgames.com
    • : houston@goldcreekgames.com
    • : 417-353-4181
  • #332

    Nick Lapole Mixed Media

    • About: Nick LaPole works predominantly in drawings, paintings, and maquette sculptures; these instances tend to dwell on interior settings, character behaviors, and awkward juxtapositions in space.
    • : nicklapole.com
    • : @nlapolo
  • #333

    Title Fight Graphic Design and Printing

  • #335

    Estuary Motion Studios Cinematography

  • #336

    515 Prints Printing and Graphic Design

    • About: All orders are custom made for each customer. Fast turn-around. 515 Prints works closely with you to create an awesome product for your business or personal use. In-house design available. Some of our favorite products to print are: personalized masks, fine art prints, large photo prints, invitations, business cards, carbonless forms, t-shirts, canvas bags, restaurant menus, gift certificates, etc... Bring your ideas!
    • : @515prints
    • : @515prints
    • : 515printsnow@gmail.com
  • #337

    One DSM Branding

    • About: The One Branding team helps entrepreneurs and businesses elevate their brand. With your industry expertise and our creatives, we can build something truly amazing – we're better together.
    • : onedsm.com
    • : hello@onedsm.com
    • : 712-540-4544
  • #339

    ArtForce Iowa Nonprofit

  • #341

    Kim Goldberg Mixed Media

    • About: Kim is an artist, graphic designer, and art director with 25+ years of experience. A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute in 1995, she uses mixed media, experimental and conceptual practices to remain open to materials, tools, and technology that support the expression of an idea or feeling.
    • : kimgoldberg.com
    • : @kimgoldberg
    • : kimgoldbergdesign@gmail.com
  • #343

    Ink and Oak Calligraphy Calligraphy and Hand-Lettering

  • #345

    Owen Design Graphic Design

  • #347

    Sabrina Carper Mixed Media

  • #348

    Pam Hibbs Painting

    • About: Intuitive,abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas. Expressive mark making and paint layers are applied and the surface reworked to create the painting's texture and history.
    • : @pamhibbspaint
    • : pamhibbspaint@gmail.com
  • #350

    Alyssa Tauber Printmaking

    • About: Alyssa Tauber is a printmaker, currently focusing on monotype and mezzotint. She earned a B.F.A. in Art from the University of Iowa, and then an M.F.A. from Illinois State University.
    • : @AlyssaTauberPrintmaker
    • : alyssaTauber@gmail.com
  • #351

    Love Life Collective Dance Studios

    • About: Love Life Collective is a community-oriented lifestyle studio where the individual chooses their unique movement medicine. We offer a range of holistic services, therapeutic movement, pole, dance, and expression. Love Life Collective welcomes all movers, dancers, aerialists, yogis and extended community members regardless of background, body type, skill level, or skin color.
    • : lovelifecollectivestudios.com
    • : @lovelifecollectivestudios
    • : @lovelifecollectivestudios
  • #352

    Seso Marentes Mixed Media

  • #353

    Michael Wilson Painting

  • #354

    Sarah Rose Studio Chalk Pastel and Painting

  • #355

    Justin Nostrala Painting

    • About: Nostrala is a painter and graphic designer. He primarily works with acrylic on canvas to create colorful abstract paintings. He often uses digital design to develop his paintings.
    • : nostrala.com
    • : jnostrala@yahoo.com
  • #357

    Pi 515 Non-Profit

    • About: We change lives by creating learning opportunities that expose Pi515 students to coding, innovation, and critical thinking. Our students use real-life skills to overcome obstacles and achieve success.
    • : pi515.org
    • : @pi515_ia
    • : @Pi515
    • : tech@pi515.org
  • #359

    Firat Erdim Artist

    • About: Fırat Erdim is an artist and educator. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.
    • : firaterdim.net
  • #361

    Don Stinson Landscape Painter

    • About: People's initial ideas about landscape paintings are that the less human influence, the more natural it is. In reality, we are part of the landscape not apart from it. My work always involves showing the impact we have on the environment around us.
    • : donstinson.com
  • #363

    Collier Wilmes Creature FX

    • About: Collier Wilmes is a creature FX artist that Uses a wide range of mediums create creatures and characters for music videos, short films, feature films, tv shows, and musicians.
    • : @collier.art1330
    • : Bssfx13@gmail.com
  • #363

    Kristian Day Media Filmmaking & Screenwriting

    • About: Kristian Day is a producer, director, and writer for television, commercial, and branded content. Clients include Warner Bros., Discovery, Hulu, and others. Member of Producers Guild of America (PGA).
    • : kristianday.com
    • : kristianday@gmail.com
  • #365

    Ryan Damman Photography Photography

    • About: The art of photography fascinates me. Creating art like this for my clients is what I am passionate about. Getting to know awesome people, earning their trust, celebrating their joy with them while we create photographs, and delivering one-of-a-kind custom heirloom albums and photographic prints is the most exhilarating process. I would be honored to put my passion for photography to work for you.
    • : ryandammanphotography.com
    • : @ryandammanphotography
    • : @ryandammanphotography
    • : ryandamman@gmail.com
    • : 515-971-0567
  • #367

    Jeff Klisares Painting

  • #368

    Natasha Petrosova Painting

  • #369

    Cameron Sadeghpour Photography & Fine Handmade Knives

    • About: Crafted by a single artisan using a mix of traditional and modern techniques, Cameron's sporting and outdoor tools are a blend of science, artistry, tradition and passion. In a world of mass production and digital assets, these knives are reminders of handmade quality and practical function.
    • : lostplanetforge.com
    • : @lostplanetforge
    • : cameron@cameronsadeghpour.com
    • : 515-490-0932
  • #370

    Matt Kargol Sculpture, Multidisciplinary Artist

    • About: I work from the aspect of communicating in the absence of written or verbal language, accessing the limbic part of the brain, beyond the thinking consciousness. I attempt to create universal access to experiencing my work, outside of personal, national, ethnic identity in a variety of media.
    • : matthewkargolart.com
    • : @matthewkargol
    • : @matthewkargolart
    • : iowasculptor@yahoo.com
  • #370

    Sarah Kargol Mixed Media Paintings

    • About: I create individual parts out of papers, fabrics, and threads- treasures and points of interest to my eyes in one way or another- and I assemble them together. Layering these "dots" with other individual pieces and parts with threads and creating unique narratives and compositions is my poetry, my voice.
    • : sarahkargolart.com
    • : @sarahkargol
    • : mypiewackett@yahoo.com
  • #370

    Jacksen Kargol Drawing/ Printmaking

    • About: Doodling is something done while one's concentration is on something else, conversely, my concentration is on doodling while life happens around me. I find the act of moving the pen, the sound it makes on the paper, a meditative practice. I immerse myself, in the polished lines of my drawings.
    • : jacksenkargol.wixsite.com
    • : @rancypantcy
    • : jacksenkargol@yahoo.com
  • #371

    Sara Boesen (Wohler) SJ Fine Art Conservation

  • #372

    Lauren Pesta Mixed Media

  • #373

    Levi Robb Mixed Media

    • About: Levi Robb’s work explores the entanglement of person and context — time and atmosphere. With a focus on material culture and the formal objectivity of place, the work is influenced by human interface with the environment, landscape, and artifact.
    • : levirobb.com
    • : @levi.robb
    • : levi.robb@gmail.com
  • #374

    Mickey Carlson Painting

    • About: Carlson's work reflects her fascination of the landscape around and within us, with a focus on the human face and figure. Expressive drawing and painting are an adventurous way to explore art history and various media.
    • : Mcarlson150@gmail.com
  • #375

    Amenda Tate Interdisciplinary Artist

    • About: Amenda Tate is a socially-engaged interdisciplinary artist recognized for employing technology to produce community-driven kinetic paintings using her “Manibus” machine. Amenda is exploring ways to amplify her performances that prioritize accessibility, participation and the act of witnessing to bridge societal divides, break down barriers and build empathy.
    • : amendatate.com
    • : @amendatate
    • : @AmendaTateArtist
    • : amenda@amendatate.com
  • #377

    Laura Nichole Photography Photography

  • #379

    Ben Schuh Painting, Murals

    • About: Ben is a professional artist living and working in the Des Moines Metro. His large scale studio is located in Polk City and he maintains another studio at Mainframe Studios in downtown Des Moines.
    • : benschuh.com
    • : @benschuh
    • : b@benschuh.com
    • : 515.491.4909
  • #381

    Josh Sorrell Painting

  • #383

    John Ravet Art for the Walls and for the Wearing

    • About: I'm a multi-disciplinary fiber artist producing contemporary reinterpretations of global textile traditions including weaving, knitting, needle arts, dyeing, and felting utilizing fibers sourced across six continents as well as modern, non-traditional materials.
    • : @john_ravet_fiber_arts
    • : jravetfiberarts@gmail.com


    Once a windowless call center, Level 4 is now teeming with creativity... and 70 new windows. Boasting 49 studios of all sizes, there is much to explore. We expand the definition of artist to foster wide-ranging collaborations and a diverse community. Fine art? It's here. Jewelry? The best. Clothing? You bet. Gaming? That too. Photography? Of course. Recording Studio? It's coming! 

  • #400

    SuttonsCreations, LLC Visual Artist

  • #401

    Matthew Corones Painting, Mixed Media

  • #402

    Purple Raven Jewelry

  • #403

    Brian Moses, Daniel Christudoss Woodwork

  • #404

    Stuart Arts Painting

    • About: Ted Stuart is president of Architectural Arts, serves on the board of the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation and creates abstract and figurative paintings.
    • : stuartartsdsm@gmail.com
  • #405

    Heartland Studio Painting

    • About: Gary Hoff has been an artist for parts of six decades, his work is in collections throughout the U.S. Currently he is working on a series of cityscapes in oil. In addition, he blogs at www.papillary.blogspot.com and www.dailydigitalia.com about art, aesthetics, and more.
    • : garyhoff.com
    • : @hoff_gary
    • : @gary.hoff.180
    • : ghoff1946@gmail.com
    • : 515-243-5054
  • #406

    Ben Millett Quilts

    • About: Ben takes a modern approach with his quilted projects, preferring to work with solids in saturated colors. Those projects are meant for everyday use and for display.
    • : benmillett.us
    • : @benmillett
    • : hello@benmillett.us
  • #407

    Jess Quinn Botanic Oil Painting

  • #408

    Jay Griffith Painting

  • #409

    Wes & Joan Yeoman Multimedia Art and Design

  • #411

    Becca Hickok Drake University's Dept of Art & Design Alumni Studio

  • #413

    Sue Penn Designs Painting, Fabric Design

  • #417

    Waveform Music Recording Studio

  • #419

    Emily MacFarland Pottery

  • #419

    Marion Nehmer Pottery

  • #421

    Capital Photography Photography

  • #423

    Bitty Buttons Children’s Clothing

  • #425

    Lainey Beck Multimedia

  • #427

    Sarah Noll Wilson Leadership Lab

  • #428

    CLogli Studio Painting, Portraits

  • #430

    Sheena Thomas Jewlery

    • About: Sheena Thomas Metalsmith LLC is devoted to having fun in the metals studio, designing and making fine jewelry using gemstones, silver and gold, raising sensuous bowls of copper, and making unique tableware in silver. Custom design available.
    • : sheena@stmetalsmith.com
    • : 515 441-9919
  • #431

    Des Moines Arts Festival Nonprofit

  • #433

    Linda Lewis Exhibit Space

    • About: This exhibit space is an extension of Linda’s studio space in Studio 435 and will include her figurative sculptures, functional pottery, prints and mixed media. She will occasionally host other artists work that she thinks will be of interest to art patrons.
  • #435

    Linda Lewis Clay narrative sculptures

    • About: Linda Lewis creates figures that reflect her penchant for people and the stories they tell using facial expressions, body positioning and surface treatments. Her recent work explores the hidden parts of us: what we might be thinking, what we’re made up of, and what surprises lay beyond our outward appearance. She has collectors throughout the United States and has exhibited extensively in the Midwest and east and west coasts.
    • : lindalewisart.com
    • : @lindalewisart
    • : lindalewisart@msn.com
    • : 515-975-0979
  • #435

    Diane Hayes Clay sculptor

    • About: Diane Hayes discovered figurative ceramics after many years as a painter. She now cherishes the process of building from clay. Her current work includes expressive figurative pieces as well as fanciful botanical forms.
    • : dianehayesart@gmail.com
  • #435

    Judy Goodwin Clay sculptor

    • About: After 35 years as an English professor at Grand View University, Judy was ready to exercise her intellect less, her intuition and hands more, so she threw herself into sculpting clay into the human figure.
    • : goodjudywin@gmail.com
  • #437

    Jen Lawler Designs Jewelry

  • #439

    ISA MAISA Designer // Clothing & Accessories

  • #439

    Genevieve La Valle Textile and Fiber Arts

  • #440

    KZA LLC Makeup as Art

    • About: Makeup is an expression of art and we love to push the boundaries of traditional beauty. KZA offers makeup lessons and appointments. We also created our very own line of vegan & cruelty free cosmetics. We believe in empowering women and hope to make every woman feel like the confident, empowered, boss babe they are!
    • : kelsiziemann.com
    • : @kelsi.ziemann.artistry
    • : @kelsi.ziemann
    • : kelsi@kelsiziemann.com
  • #442

    Good Friend Designs Jewelry

  • #443

    Katie Geraty Mixed Media, Jewelry

  • #445

    Gretchen Bohling Designs Clothing Design

  • #446

    Jeff Rider Art Painting

  • #447

    Artist X Advocacy Mentorship Program + Jill Wells Art Mentorship + Multimedia

  • #448

    Fueche Vang Painting, Illustrating

  • #449

    Jami Milne Photography

  • #451

    Molly Spain Mixed Media, Design

  • #453

    The Dust Collective Premium Vintage Clothing and Accessories and Handmade Sustainable Garments

  • #455

    Alex Brown Foundation Artist Residency Program

    • About: The painter and musician Alex Brown, who exhibited at Feature Inc. in New York and played guitar in the seminal hardcore punk band Gorilla Biscuits, died in 2019. He engaged the viewer with everyday images that emerge out of abstraction. The illusion is essential in his artwork; he took a completely recognizable object and challenged the viewer to see it anew. In 2021, Alex's family and friends, in partnership with Mainframe Studios, launched an impactful residency program to honor Alex's legacy.
    • : alexbrownfoundation.org
    • : @alexbrownfoundation
    • : info@alexbrownfoundation.org
  • #457

    Michelle Lovell Photography

  • #459

    Margo Z Nahas Jewelry, Multimedia

  • #460

    Vennessa Sires Painting, Multimedia and Interior Design

    • About: Vennessa and Lisa design and stage businesses, realtors and homeowners in the Des Moines Metro. With design backgrounds, they understand the importance of how a space works and flows and how to maximize a home’s potential and your top dollar. Doing this will shorten the amount of time you are on the market. They have an extensive inventory we will use to optimize your homes character and present the home you love in the best possible light.
    • : staging515.com
    • : SiresRealEstate@gmail.com
    • : 515-204-3616
  • #461

    Adam Van Wyk Storyboard Artist

  • #461

    Tyler Walpole Illustration

    • About: Tyler has been a valued illustrator in the entertainment industry since the year 2000. His clients include Marvel Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, Warner Bros Animation, Marvel/Lionsgate, DC Comics, Blizzard, Paizo's Pathfinder, IDW, and Dynamite Entertainment, among many others.
    • : tylerwalpole.com
    • : @tyler_walpole_illustration
    • : @tylerwalpole
  • #462

    Eric Duke Miller Interdisciplinary art, Architecture and Design

    • About: Reimagining works from ready-mades and found objects found in nature, history, myth, fiction, science, and the built world. Distorting, enhancing, distressing, refabricating, modifying, folding, deconstructing, and repurposing; producing environments and objects with a surrealistic bent.
    • : Ericdukemiller.com
    • : objectmaker@ericdukemiller.com
    • : 631-949-0742
  • #465

    Paige Peterson Photography

  • #467

    Jay Vigon Creative Fine Art, Design

    • About: Jay Vigon’s pioneering style led him to become an innovator in field broadcast graphics for television commercials with such clients as AT&T, Diet Coke, Janus Fund and Honda. He moved behind the camera to assume the role of director. Among Jay’s many projects are spots created for Mercedes Benz, Estee Lauder, Seiko watches and Kaiser Permanente, as well as a multi year documentary project based on the life and times of Cesar Chavez.
    • : jayvigon.com
    • : @jayvigon_artnow
    • : @jay.vigon
    • : jay@jayvigon.com
    • : 818-406-9994
  • #469

    Brian Duffy Cartoons, Illustration

  • #471

    Numinous Games Game Development