Live Drawing Session

Host: The Blok DSM

Time: 4:00 PM — 6:30 PM

The Blok DSM is hosting live drawing and sculpting sessions. Join us for up to 16 sessions with a live model, artists of all backgrounds welcome. Space is limited! We have seating for 8 artists per session.

Sessions feature models of a variety of genders and body types, models will be partially clothed. One model per session. Due to the current state of our world masking is required for this event. Our model will be unmasked, but we ask artist participants to wear masks to our event.

Session Poses

  • Five 2 minute warm up poses
  • Two 30 minute poses with two 15 minute model breaks
  • One final 45 minute session.

16 Total Sessions: Tuesdays 12:30-3:00, Saturdays 4-6:30

  • Day of pricing: $25
  • 8 sessions weekend: $150
  • 8 sessions weekday: $125
  • 16 sessions: $225
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