IN THE NEWS | Where to find 8 new sculptures and murals that went up in the Des Moines metro area

IN THE NEWS | Where to find 8 new sculptures and murals that went up in the Des Moines metro area Isaac Hamlet Des Moines Register | 04/08/2022

A man in the moon, a giant leaf, a whirlpool and rotating sculptures are just a few of the new pieces of art found around Central Iowa. In recent months, communities and organizations installed new sculptures and murals to their outdoor collections that give residents a taste of artwork in surprising locations.

Now that the weather is warming, local art lovers can head outdoors to enjoy these new works (and even take a selfie). Here, a look at eight new works to find all over the Des Moines metro area.

Rotating sculpture pad at Mainframe Studios

Drive by the main entrance to Mainframe Studios, a nonprofit organization that provides workspaces for local artists, to find "Man with the Moon," the first work to grace the building's new rotating sculpture pad

The 14-foot tall sculpture created by Jay Vigon — a California transplant who's had his hand in designing work for names like Stevie Wonder and Prince — and James Bearden — a local graphic designer and metal worker — went up on Jan. 12 outside of Mainframe Studios, 900 Keosauqua Way.

"Man with the Moon," sculpted from steel and colored brass patinas, uses an abstract design to depict a figure simultaneously resembling a crescent moon and a human.

The venue intends to rotate sculptures in the space, so "Man with the Moon" eventually moves on, But it's also available for purchase, Mainframe's director Siobahn Spain noted in the announcement of the rotating sculpture pad. More information about the sculpture pad for artists or interested buyers can be found at

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