Brittany Brooke Crow / to see and be seen by you

Brittany Brooke Crow / to see and be seen by you Mainframe Studios | 03/02/2023

Mainframe Studios is pleased to present a solo ehibition by Brittany Brooke Crow

On view through April in the 3rd Floor Commons Gallery

Please mark your calendars for Brittany's artist talk and reception March 18, 1-3 p.m. (artist talk at 1:30)


Brittany Brooke Crow uses image-making to confront her fear of vulnerability while exploring intimacy, ways of seeing, and the expansive possibilities of creating photo-based art. The performative action necessary to create an image is often a part of the content of her work. Crow’s self portraiture began as an exploration of the tangle of historical tropes, cultural expectations, and personal control that comes with representing the queer, female body. She has since expanded this inquiry into a rediscovery of the materiality of the photographic print. In 2020, Crow received an Iowa Arts Council Art Project Grant to support the creation of the photographic installation Exhibition(ist). One year later, Crow was named as one of five Iowa Arts Council Artist Fellows. The artist currently works out of studio 339 at Mainframe Studios.

to see and be seen by you

Artist Statement / Most are familiar with the feminist theory of the male gaze, but what is the significance of the gaze when I am the one gazing and also receiving the gaze? In to see and be seen by you, I playfully experiment with how the process of collage disrupts this gaze, and whether or not it influences the interpretation of my (literal) body and body of work. What am I risking by tearing myself into pieces? What am I exposing and what might it reveal about my performance of gender and sexuality? | @brittanybrookecrow