Body of Work / 1st Annual Figurative Group Show

Body of Work / 1st Annual Figurative Group Show Mainframe Studios | 03/02/2023

Mainframe is pleased to present a new annual group exhibition featuring artworks that reference the human form.

Curated by Josh Sorrell, this inaugural show examines perspectives of the human form through painting, drawing and sculpture.

Participants are artists with studios at Mainframe, and each has multiple works included that “reflect the variety of styles and mediums each has developed over their artistic journey,” Sorrell says.


Yvette Sutton, Indigo Moore, Sarah Schroeder, Linda Lewis,Christine Logli, Michael Wilson, Josh Sorrell, Johnathan Fusco, Jimmy Navarro, Jay Vigon and Andrea Van Wyk


I’ve always been taken by the power of figurative work. The human figure can convey infinite emotions and feelings at a mere glance. For this exhibit, I wanted to seek out creators within Mainframe that illustrate this potential.

Each artist has discovered a way of seeing the subject with unique eyes while evoking an intimate connection when portrayed through their chosen medium. I hope that the viewers of this exhibit will find a connection with these subjects, and also see the figure through the artist’s eyes. It’s this ability to empathize with someone else that creates relationships all around us, but also gives us a chance to see ourselves more clearly. That’s what figurative artwork does and why it’s so important.

- Josh Sorrell